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Family Law (Public & Private Law Children)

Friday 10th June 2016 - From: 9.15am

Advocacy Training Seminar - 10th June 2016 - 5hrs CPD

Our Family Law Advocacy Training Seminar is aimed at all who are currently practicing in all aspects of Family Law, whether Public Law Care or Private Law Children and those who are otherwise interested. We are planning on an informative and relaxed seminar at £25 per person (incl of VAT) for 5 hours’ CPD. We will be holding this seminar on the 10th June 2016 at HILTON Southampton.

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Seminar Details

  • Date: Friday 10th June 2016
  • Time: From: 9.15am


Seminar Updates

  • There are currently no updates for this Seminar

    There are currently no updates but please check back soon. From time to time we may update the information about this Seminar. You can also find notes and media from past Seminars in this section once they are available.