Barnaby large makes local press on workplace rights

"In Laranjinha & Ors v Khan I was fortunate to represent two chefs in securing a number of basic workplace rights many of us take for granted.

Both were former residents of East Timor and more precisely of Fataluka culture and language. As members of a former Portuguese colony they exercised free movement rights and travelled to the UK obtaining employment in a Chinese restaurant.

They were engaged in work for a Respondent, known to them as ‘the Big Boss’, and worked long hours for little pay. They were not provided employment contracts, were unable to take paid holiday and were eventually summarily dismissed without a proper notice period or pay in lieu.

Supported by the marvelous Sarah England of Gales Solicitors and after a few late nights, it was a privilege to secure judgment in favour of both claimants.

The odds they overcame have not gone unnoticed, with a fine article by Emma-Lewis Hewitt for UK News Group -"