Financial Remedies Court Notice

Attached is an amended document titled “Overall Structure of the Financial Remedies Court and the Role and Function of the Lead Judge”. This document represents one of the constitutional documents of the Financial Remedies Court.

The amendments are new paras 12(iii) and (iv) which appear between 12 (ii) and old 12(iii). They provide; first, for  prospective new FRC judges to receive such training and sitting in as may be required by the National Lead Judge of the Financial Remedies Court and the Judicial College; second, that once authorised to sit in a FRC zone, a new FRC judge shall be entitled to hear financial remedies cases in any other FRC zone; and third, that a fee paid judge authorised to sit in the FRC shall be entitled to carry that authorisation over into a full time judicial appointment.

The amendments have been carried out to clarify training requirements and the scope of FRC authorisation.