Mr Justice Mostyn: Standard orders

  1. On 25 June 2021 judgment was handed down in A v B [2021] EWHC 1716 (Fam). The High Court ruled that the Family Court had jurisdiction to make a free-standing order for a port alert. A pro forma order, named Port Alert Order was attached to the judgment. This has been added to volume 2 of the compendium of standard orders and numbered Order 13.30.
  2. Cafcass has asked that item 66(d) in Order 7.2 (Private Law Case Management Directions and Orders Precedent Library) be altered to read:

66 – [Name] must attend the following activity programme[s] [as a condition of the child arrangements order] on dates and at times to be confirmed by the activity provider, and in any event by [date]: ……..

d – (England only) an Improving Child and Family Arrangements service (ICFA) intervention: ……….

The above changes take effect forthwith.

A zip file containing volume 2 of the standard orders, incorporating the above changes, are on our website.