Addendum to the Presidential Guidance on Injury to Feelings & Psychiatric Injury

On 26th March 2021 the Presidents of the Employment Tribunals for England & Wales and Scotland  issued a further addendum (the fourth after the initial 2017 Guidance) on the application of the bands of award for injury to feelings ('the Vento Bands').

- One off acts and less serious cases ('Lower Band') - £900 - £9,100;

- Cases between the two bands ('Middle Band') - £9,100 - £27,400;

- The most serious cases, such as a sustained and targeted campaign of harassment ('Upper Band') - £27,400 to £45,600

The most exceptional cases will exceed £45,600. 

Cases in Scotland will remain subject to the provision that if the tribunal decides the uplift in Simmons v Castle does not apply it should adjust the figures above accordingly further to setting out why Simmons does not apply.

The Addendum Guidance may be found in the following link