The Rise of the Hybrid hearings – here to help with the next adjustment.!

Following the latest report by Sir Andrew McFarlane (as attached and helpfully summarised by Sarah Barber) , the update from HMCTS opening a further 16 courts this week, the policy position of Cafcass  (a report of which can be accessed clicking on the attached hyperlink) together with the various Judgements such as Re: P in relation to remote hearings, it is clear that the use of Hybrid hearings and actual attendance at court is only going to get greater in the coming months.

With this in mind No.18 Chambers are here to help to adapt and adjust once again to what will become another ‘new’ normal.  In reassurance, No.18 remains committed to providing advocacy whether remote or in physical attendance at court.  

No.18 Chambers remain committed to continue to offer to set up and host conferences, advocates meetings and hearings using a variety of virtual methods at our disposal to ensure the smooth running of cases for which can be found on our website.

No18 continues to be committed to providing the highest level of service, client care, advocacy and advice by ensuring that the needs, concerns and interests of clients are always paramount support by over 50 years of clerking expertise. Just in case you have missed them some of our initiatives over the past few months have been:

More detail on each of these can be found by clicking here.