STOP PRESS: New guidance on children orders have been issued along with changes to PD27A

On 6th June 2018, the President of the Family Division issued guidance promulgating standard children and other orders for general use. Shorter Public and Private Law Case Management directions orders have been produced to assist those at court. Helpfully such orders have been colour coded, showing sections of amendment and editorial comment.

For the President’s guidance and the zip file containing the orders, click below:

In addition, there is a new practice direction on bundles which will come into force on 23rd July 2018. Such practice direction should be read in conjunction with the Public Law Outline (PD12A) and Child Arrangements programme (PD12B).

The three main changes are-

  1.  - Introduction of page limits for certain types of documents
  2.  - Further requirements in relation to bundles of authorities
  3.  - The inclusion of various provisions making clear that PD27A applies, with certain modifications, to electronic as well as to paper bundles.

For more information, on the revised practice direction, click below: