STOP PRESS: Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts

Every business has information that is confidential and is vital to both their success and operation, whether that be knowledge of your business clients/customers with whom they became connected , internal processes, business strategies or technology. For any competitor in your market this information can be attractive and may help to gain a competitive edge. Certain employees may have such information and, in these situations, the most effective way to protect your business would be via a restrictive covenant.

This is usually a clause in an employee’s contract that is designed to help protect your business  against the use of its confidential information by former employees. This may deter employees from joining competitor and competing against their ex-employer or competitors from poaching your staff.

The attached article gives a brief overview of;

  • The four main types of Restrictive Covenants:
  • What Are Restrictive Covenants There To Protect?
  • Implied terms of confidentiality
  • When Was the Covenant Entered Into?
  • Varying Contracts Of Employment To Include A Restrictive Covenant
  • How Long will the Covenant be valid for?

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