The No.18 Approach to Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

In the post-Jackson climate, barristers at No.18 Chambers recognise the various challenges to providing high quality legal services for clients.  We are committed to delivering an exceptional level of advice (whether in writing or in conference), representation and resolution.  Providing a high quality service is central to our ethos: 'committed to our clients’; ‘serious about service’ and ‘always fair on fees’.  

Irrespective of the value or complexity of a claim, we aim to provide a high quality service, with excellent, specialist, tailored advice.

In order to facilitate this No.18 are delighted to introduce seven new schemes:

  • CFAs with a 0% success fee on all PI and Clinical Negligence claims (subject to risk assessment)
  • No Win Low Fee agreements
  • Package Deals
  • Meet the insurance
  • Armed & Police Forces Discount
  • Low income ‘tailored fees’
  • The Advice, Pleading and Support Package

Committed to 0% Success fee on all PI and Clinical Negligence Case

At No.18 we recognise that post Jackson, any success that is claimed by counsel has to come out of the client damages. Committed to maximizing the clients damages No.18 are delighted to commit to a 0% success fee on post-April 2013 CFAs

No Win Low Fee Agreements:

Where a case is not suitable to take under a traditional CFA, No.18 Strives to offer a feasible alternative in order to make Litigation available to those who would otherwise not be able afford it. Individually calculated on a case to case basis Members undertake work in appropriate cases offering No Win, Low Fee. Not all cases are appropriate for No Win Low Fee Agreements and the barrister concerned may decline to enter into a CFA after considering the merits of the claim/prospects of success.  Chambers has a flexible policy on CFAs and will do our best to tailor the agreement to the needs of the case. Our standard arrangements are based on the latest models provided by the Bar Standards Board and specialist bar associations

Package Deals:

No.18 are able to offer fee packages in relation to written advisory work, drafting, conferences & litigation (for example a global fee for both a Conference and hearing or drafting and a hearing).

Meet the Insurance:

Where the matter is insurance backed, No.18 will do our utmost to work within the rates agreed with each insurance company and where there are agreed rates (either hourly or fixed) between another Chambers and that insurance firm we will also do our best to match the fees.  We are able to do both in most cases.

Armed  & Police Forces Discount:

We are delighted to  offer reduced fees ((for matters that are paid privately ) for members of the Armed & Police Forces and their dependants, please contact us for more information on our 10% discount for Armed Forces personnel and their dependants

Low income “ tailored fee’s:

We recognise that the economic pressures on some clients require flexibility on fees in order to ensure that they can secure access to high quality legal representation.  We can in most instances provide tailored fees for clients on a low income or who would previously have been eligible for legal aid to assist.

The Advice, Pleading and Support Package

No.18  are delighted to  offer our new Advice, Pleading and Support package to clients in Small Claims  and Fast Track cases where costs are fixed in accordance with the provisions of the CPR: please see below for our table of fees that we offer to do so at a fixed price

Our Barristers will provide at your request:

  • Advice on liability, quantum and evidence;
  • Pleadings;
  • Telephone or (if needed) face to face conference with solicitor and client;
  • Assistance with ad hoc queries by phone or email where reasonably required.

Road Traffic Claims :

Item of Work £1,000 - £10,000 / £10,000 - £25,000

Advice on Liability or Quantum £150 / £225

Advice on Liability and Quantum £200 / £300

Particulars of Claim £150 / £200

Defence/Reply/Part 18 Request £125 / £200

Employer’s Liabilty/Public Liabilty:

Item of Work £1,000 - £10,000 / £10,000 - £25,000

Advice on Liability or Quantum £175 / £250

Advice on Liability and Quantum £225 / £325

Particulars of Claim £200 / £225

Defence/Reply/Part 18 Request £150 / £200
We will continue to provide you with outstanding representation for your clients across all areas and at all levels of personal injury and clinical negligence work.          

If you have any questions or queries surrounding these schemes,  chambers, its services or the work we undertake please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and efficient administrative team, either Mark Windebank (Senior  Clerk) or Laura Jackson (Junior Clerk) on 023 80 736812 or contact us at

T&Cs for the Package

  1. The package is only available where recoverable legal costs are fixed in the CPR in RTA/EL/PL fast track cases.
    A minimum fee of £150 (plus VAT) will apply.
  2. 3Trial fees are currently allowed as a disbursement under both the Portal and Fast Track Fixed Costs Schemes so we will continue to offer our services in court for trials and interlocutory hearings separately at CPR recoverable rates.
  3. The package is available as a CFA.
  4. Barristers will only do barrister style work as permitted by the Bar Code of Conduct.
  5. Instructing solicitors will provide only the papers necessary for counsel to do the work not the whole file, (e.g. for an Advice on Quantum just the medical report, witness statements/proofs, draft Schedule and relevant supporting documents). In lower value cases the advices may all be in one document rather than separate.
  6. The way in which written advices are provided may be by e-mail, in writing or by fax and will not necessarily be in a formal written and printed advice.
  7. Pleadings will generally be provided by e-mail.
  8. Instructions may be sent to barristers on paper or in electronic format.
  9. If the case exits the Fast Track fixed recoverable costs scheme then normal hourly rates will apply to all work done by the barrister