Remote Dispute Resolution Suite: Round Table Meetings/Joint Settlement Conferences (Employment & Civil Matters)

At No.18 we are able host all parties in our virtual Dispute Resolution Suite consisting of a ‘evaluators’ room, private conference rooms and a breakout area. This allows us to accommodate round table meetings/joint settlement conferences between lawyers with a view to resolving Civil and Employment disputes between parties. No18 offers experts at all levels to assist with this process and will provide the accompanying remote technology to facilitate these meetings.

If budgets are tight other options can be offered to reduce costs. No 18 Chambers can offer a scheme where parties wishing to achieve a negotiated settlement can obtain a joint written advice or meet with a barrister at an early stage in conference to identify a fair order. The instruction can be limited to an indication on one key issue.

The advantages of  using the  No.18 Chambers Remote Dispute Resolution Suite:

  • Flexibility.
  • They can happen at any stage during the court process.
  • There is very little delay in waiting for a date.
  • The parties have the power to choose an evaluator in whom they and their lawyers have confidence.
  • The evaluator is an expert who will have read the papers thoroughly in advance and who will be able to give the parties the time which they may need in order to resolve the dispute; and assistance with drafting if required.
  • It can deal with all or any aspects of the dispute which the parties wish..
  • Clear guidance can be given as to suitable arrangements and what order is likely to be made if the matter proceeds in a court arena.

THE TECHNOLOGY – Keeping it Simple

The use of remote technology has now been established and is in use daily in the court sphere. No.18 can offer all platforms for children, financial, civil and employment cases including but not limited to telephone, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams. We can assist in organising an appropriate setup for your particular case.

No18 Chambers can offer as many meeting rooms as necessary but what would be envisaged would be including:

  • The evaluators room
  • Separate conference rooms for each team (where private discussion can take place)
  • The Negotiation room.
  • Private meeting room

It’s a simple process. We email a link to participants and with one click, each participant can join the video meeting conference or hearing. There is no need to subscribe to any software or download any ‘app’.

As always, barristers are well used to maintaining confidentiality between cases.